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January is a great time to start foraging for fresh, healthy foods. After the lavish and indulgent celebrations of Orthodox Christmas, New Year and Armenian Christmas, many people are looking for a way to get some exercise and get back on track with healthy eating habits.

Early winter in Cyprus during January is cold, windy and rainy but there is usually a brief interruption of around 10 days. The Halcyon days bring a period of calm weather, clear skies, less wind and temperatures that are milder than usual, allowing for exploration of the plentiful leafy greens that grow in the countryside.

As the sun rises just before 7am and sets around 5pm, there is plenty of time to gather these delicious greens during the daylight hours and to get outdoors and exercise.

Foraging is a great way to connect with the environment and appreciate the natural bounty that is available to us.

Thistle - Cirsium vulgare


Yaygın Kangal

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